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 If you have a specific project in mind, that needs addressed for your small business, please feel free to submit a request via e-mail or use our contact page. 

  Contact Page

We'll review your project, make recommendations if necessary, determine what hardware/software/and labor is required and provide you with a competitive quote.

Some examples of projects we can handle are:

(1) New Microsoft Small Business Server Install

(2)Small Business Server troubleshooting and repair.

(3)Server and desktop hardware troubleshooting and repair.

(4)Server and desktop operating system troubleshooting and repair.

(5)Small Business network installation, trouble-shooting, and resolution.

(6)Back-up and disaster recovery recommendations, installation and local support.

(7)Installation and support of cloud based solutions such as : remote help desk, remote network monitoring and management, on site back-up and  disaster recovery NAS (network access server) with offloading to remote collation facility, to provide safe storage of your business mission critical servers operating system, programs, files and data, only accessible with your unique encryption key.

This list by no means represent all of our capabilities and is just a small sampling of how we are positioned to server you.